• Commercial

  • As a facilities manager or engineer, managing lock security can be a sometimes daunting task. Rekeying a floor or a building of suites to various levels of security, restricting access of sensitive areas with credential required hardware, servicing dozens or even hundreds of doors with varying types of hardware all can take up valuable time. Hiring an experienced, professional locksmith will afford you the piece of mind knowing that these tasks are in capable hands and will free up your team to handle other building matters.

    Call to consult with or to schedule a walk through with one of our technicians and together we will come up with the best solution for your locksmith needs.

  • Keypad locks

    Locks requiring pin code credentials are an excellent and affordable single door solution eliminating the need to carry keys. Assigning one code or 100 codes will save you $$ on key assignment and replacement. Keypad locks also allow you to remove a user when the user no longer needs access - save $$$ on the need to rekey the lock and assign new keys!


  • Proximitiy Card

    Time of day, day of the week, holidays, multiple levels of security provided to user, and many other factors can all determine whether or not your card holder has access to the entrance. Card readers in an access control environment is an incredibly flexible solution for your building security needs. Contact us to schedule a walk through or to speak with one of our consultants.

  • Secured Keyways

    Primus Level One Plus combines the convenience of locally stocked keys and cylinders with the security of multiple side bittings (pick-resistant) distributed on a limited basis. Level One Plus key blanks are sold to a wholesaler on a nationwide exclusive basis. These blanks are distributed through select locksmiths who are assigned unique ID numbers. Level One Plus locksmiths are only able to stock and duplicate keys with their own I.D. number on them. End users are recorded and kept on file and can only obtain additional keys at Concord Locksmith with proper identification..